Creating or changing an alert
The process of creating or changing an alert is designed to be used by a store owner or manager. View the short video to see how simply and quickly this can be acomplished.

Note that only users with administrator access will see the "administration/Alert Rules" option allowing you to create users who receive but cannot change alerts
Alerts can be checked Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

You can monitor;
  • Sales Value
  • Margin,
  • Average Transaction Value (ATV),
  • Number of Transactions,
  • Number of Refunds,
  • Value of Refunds.
  • (Where footfall information can be captured you can also choose to monitor Conversion Factor).
You can compare the information being monitored to;
  • Previous time periods,
  • Average over previous time Periods,
  • Fixed Value,
  • Budget
Set your alert KPI's using simple drop down selections.