The Sales Dashboard
The AMI sales dashboard allows you to view, compare and drill down to sales information using a wide set of criteria. It shares the core AMI design principal of ease of use and is designed to be used by business owners and managers. Using the dashboard you can view sales by Day, Week, month or any user defined date period. You can compare to different time periods. See your results graphically or export to a spreadsheet.
The Sales dashboard is divided into 3 key areas

A) The summary bar gives you a quick overview of your trading and whether values are up or down on the previous period.

The results section gives you sales information and comparisons. Where the (+) magnifier is showing this indicates you can drill down into data shown.

The Graph, it can be easier to see issues by displaying the information you wish to view as a graph. You can select the information to graph and optionally to compare to from the drop down boxes above the graph section.

Check the examples below
Using the Dashboard

The dashboard has been designed to be easy to use and with access to the information required for a typical retail business as its goal. Start by selecting the dates you wish to review and then its as simple as clicking the run query button.

Using Queries

You can create a new query or change an existing one using the [EDIT] button located below the query selection. The query allows you to select what order you wish to have information presented in and what level of drill down should be available. You can also apply filters so that only subsets of information are shown.